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Note: Parts of this story ties into my other Histeria fanfic, Loud's Lucky Day.

(It was Christmas Eve in the small village of Histeria Town.  The streets were covered in snow and decorations were up on nearly every building in town.  One house in town was the home of Charity Bazaar and Loud Kiddington.  Inside, Loud is sitting by a window watching as the snow slowly falls.  Charity comes into the room and starts walking torwards Loud, she appears to be wearing a white long sleeve shirt with a big red H on front.  She taps Loud on the shoulder.)

Loud: Charity, doesn't the snow falling outside look so peaceful?

Charity: Yeah it does.

Loud: Say, nice shirt, it looks really warm for a cold day like today.  Where did you get it?

Charity: I had it for a while, I like wearing it when it's cold since it's so warm and comfy.

(Loud and Charity walk over to the couch in the same room and they sit down next to each other.  Then Loud starts talking to Charity.)

Loud: I'm really looking forward to Christmas this year.  It's the first time I'm not spending it homeless on the streets.

Charity: Me too, I was always lonely each Christmas.  I had no one to spend it with.

Loud: If I remember, it was a bit happy, but also a very sad time for me.

(Loud starts to tell Charity a story as he has a flashback to when he was younger.)

Loud: Because of the cold weather and the snow, I was always freezing around Christmas time.  The only thing that kept me warm was an old scarf and a long sleeve shirt I had on, even though it was ripped in a few spots.  The happy moments were seeing all the decorations up, listening to the carolers sing, and looking at store displays.

(Past Loud is seen looking through a window at a nearby toy shop, watching a toy train move along the track.  He has a small smile on his face.)

Loud: I remember I found a blank piece of paper one day, so I started writing a letter to Santa Claus using a pen I also found.

(Loud from the past starts talking as he writes his letter.)

Past Loud: Dear Santa, You probably know this already that I have no home, live day by day out on the streets, and I'm very lonely.  It would really mean a lot to me if you can please find me a home with a family who would really care about me.  Love Loud.  (Past Loud starts crying after writing his letter).

(Past Loud walks over to a nearby mailbox and puts the letter he wrote in it.)

Past Loud (sniffling): I hope this works.

Loud: When Christmas day came.  I woke up with a small light blue bunny doll wearing a red long sleeve shirt in my arm.  There was a note attached to it.

(Past Loud starts reading the note.)

Past Loud: Dear Loud, I'm terribly sorry I could not get you a home with a loving family.  I wish I could help, since you're such a very good little boy.  I hope you like the present.  Love Santa.  (Past Loud starts crying afterwards while hugging his new light blue bunny doll.)

(Loud's flashback ends as he finishes his story.  He's seen hugging a couch pillow and crying over his memory.)

Loud (crying): It was a very sad day for me.  Plus the bunny doll didn't last long since some bullies took it from me. (continues crying)

(Charity is seen with a few tears in her eyes looking at Loud, and then she starts rubbing his back trying to make him feel better.)  

Charity: That's so sad.  It was nice that Santa left you something before those bullies took it from you.  Which reminds me today is the last day for gift buying, luckily I bought all of mine already.

(Loud suddenly realizes he has not gotten Charity anything.  So he takes his jacket and puts it on.  Charity notices Loud panicing.)

Charity: Loud where are you going?  Why the sudden look of panic?

Loud: I have to go somewhere, I have something I need to do before the day is over.  I'll be back later.

(Loud rushes out the door, and goes to the market area in town.  He walks up behind his friend Froggo.)


(Froggo jumps and covers his ears after hearing Loud yell.)

Froggo: Hi there Loud, what seems to be the problem?


Froggo: Whoa, calm down Loud.  I'll be glad to help you out.

Loud: Thanks, maybe you could help me out since you knew her for a long time.

(Froggo and Loud walks to different stores.  Loud notices a lot of stuff was sold out).

Loud: This is terrible, there's almost nothing left to buy.

(After Loud said that, Aka Pella saw the two and walked over.)

Aka: Hey guys! How are ya?

Froggo: Bad

Aka: Bad, why bad?  It's Christmas Eve.

Froggo: Loud forgot to get something for Charity.

Aka: Well, if that's the case, let me help you guys out.

Loud: Thank you guys.  I want to get something very, very special for her, but it's going to be hard to find.

Aka: Very, very special?  Must be something major.

Loud: I want to show Charity how much she means to me.  Afterall, she did take me off the streets and give me a home.  It was very kind of her to do that.

(Loud, Froggo, and Aka start walking around town, looking in different stores for a gift.  After walking around, they reach a jewelry store.  Loud notices a necklace.)

Loud: Wow that looks beautiful.

Aka: I'll say.

(Froggo notices the price tag.)

Froggo: $500! Just for that!

(Loud puts his hands in his pockets and notices he doesn't have any money.)

Loud (sigh): Looks like I can't buy it. I guess panicing made me forget I had no money.

Aka: It's getting late, would you two like to come over for dinner.

Froggo: Sure.

(The three kids walked away from the store and starting walking to Aka's house for dinner.  While Froggo and Aka were eating, Loud was just pushing his food around his plate with his fork, feeling sad.)

Froggo: You're still sad Loud.

Loud: Yeah, I wish I could do something very special for Charity.  She took away my horrible homeless life from the streets and gave me a home by letting me stay with her.  I just want to do something very speical for her.

Aka: Well just let her know how much you care about her.  Sometimes the best gift you could give anyone comes from the heart.

Froggo: That sounds like a great idea.

Loud: So I should let her know how much I care about her.

(both Froggo and Aka nodded.)

Loud: I hope it works.  Well it's getting late so I think I'll go home now.  Thanks for dinner Aka, and the help guys.

Aka and Froggo: You're welcome.

(Loud walks home slowly, still feeling sad.  When he gets home he opens the door and sees Charity.  Charity points up at the mistletoe over the door.)

Charity (happily): Mistletoe!

(Charity gives Loud a kiss on the cheek.  After the kiss, Loud still feels sad and Charity notices that.)

Charity: What's wrong Loud? You seem sad.

Loud: Just nothing, that's all. (Loud walks over to the couch and sits down.)

Charity: Well I hope this will cheer you up.  (Charity hands Loud a box wrapped in green wrapping with a red bow on it.)

Loud: I don't think I want to open it.

Charity: Nah, please open it.  It's nothing bad, it's just a little something from me to you.

(Loud rips open the package and notices a box.  When he opens the box, it reveals a long sleeve shirt much like the one Charity is wearing, except it was red and had a white H on it.)

Loud (smiling): Charity, I love it.  My very own H shirt like yours.

Charity: Well almost.  This one is red with a white H on it.  I'm glad you love it.

Loud: I do (then he feels sad again), but I have nothing for you.  I was with Froggo and Aka all day trying to find you that very special gift.  We found one thing, but it cost too much money. (Loud starts crying).

(Charity looks at Loud crying and smiles.  She sits down next to him, and puts her arm around his shoulder.)

Charity: You're very, very sweet for trying Loud, but you already given me the best gift ever.

Loud (sniffles):  What do you mean Charity?  I couldn't even afford it.

Charity: I mean you being here, that's the best gift anyone has given me.  Every Christmas I've spent alone by myself.  This is the first Christmas I'm spending with someone special, and you're that special someone.

Loud: And you're special too, Charity.  I care so much about you.  You were kind enough to take me off the streets and give me a home.  That alone shows how special you are.  I love you so much Charity.

Charity: I love you too Loud.

(Loud and Charity smile and hug.  After that, they changed into their pajamas and went to bed.  Charity got into one bed, while Loud got into the other.  Loud fell asleep with a big smile on his face.  Charity watched him fall asleep and smiled.  Shortly afterwards she went to sleep.  When they woke up the next day, the two rushed to the living room and saw two presents under the tree.)

Loud: Looks like Santa stopped by last night.  Let's open them!

(When Loud said that Charity takes her gift and opens it, while Loud did the same.  Charity got a Babs Bunny doll, while Loud got a brand new Buster Bunny doll.)

Loud: Want to go watch some Christmas specials on TV together?  I would really love to see them.

Charity: Sure, just let me make some hot chocolate to drink.

(Loud took his Buster Bunny doll and sat down on the couch while Charity bought over two mugs of hot chocolate and places them on the table.  Then she grabs her Babs Bunny doll and sits right next to Loud.  They watched Christmas specials all day together until there was a knock at the door.  When Charity answered, it was Froggo and Aka.)

Aka: Merry Christmas Loud and Charity!

(Froggo and Aka noticed how happy Loud was.)

Froggo: Looks like it didn't turn out so bad for Loud after all.

Charity: Definitely Froggo, Loud told me the whole story last night.  Um, Froggo and Aka. (points to mistletoe over Froggo and Aka and smiles.)

(Aka gives Froggo a kiss on the cheek and walks into the house.)

Froggo: Well we're glad it turned out well for Loud.  We came over because we wanted to invite you two for dinner.

Charity: Sounds great, give us a second we have to get dressed.

(When Charity said that, Loud was already dressed in his new red shirt with the white H on it.  Charity went to the bedroom and came out wearing her white shirt with red H on it.)

Loud: Charity, you're right.  This shirt is warm and comfy.  Anyway, let's go.

(Charity and Loud grabbed their jackets and started heading to Aka's house for dinner.  After dinner, the four kids went back to Charity's house to relax and watch some Christmas movies.  Charity also made more hot chocolate and served some cookies.  While the four were eating their snack, Charity sat right next to Loud and puts her arm around him.  They looked at each other, and then they happily hug.  While they were hugging, Froggo went and held the mistletoe above their head.  Aka giggled a bit when she saw Froggo hold up the mistletoe.  When Loud and Charity saw the mistletoe above their heads, they just smiled and kissed each other.)


Story by LoudKFan4.  Disclaimer: Histeria (and Buster and Babs) belongs to Warner Bros.  I'm just a fan who wanted to write a story using some favorite characters from the show.
Honestly, I wrote this fanfiction a few months ago when I wanted to write a Loud and Charity story, and couldn't think of anything. When the Christmas idea hit me in the head, I went with it. Anyway, the story is about Loud who forgot to get Charity a Christmas gift. With the help from Froggo and Aka, he goes out looking for that special gift to give Charity. Parts of this story tie into my other Histeria! fanfic, Loud's Lucky Day. I also added a reference to another one of my favorite WB cartoons, Tiny Toons into this story.
Histeria!, Loud Kiddington, Charity Bazaar, Froggo, Aka Pella, Buster Bunny, and Babs Bunny are Warner Bros.
nintendomaximus Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2006
:aww: :love: I don't know what to say. But *SomePkmn-lovingdude was totally correct in his comment! This story is adorable. I especially liked hearing Loud and Charity admit their love for each other, and the mistletoe bits of course.
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SPLEEEE!!! sooo cute <3 omg. :D
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